Tortilla Press

I was in Cabo San Lucas and saw Mexican women making tortillas with a wooden tortilla press. They sold them in the souvenir shops but they were really poor quality. I decided to try and make my own.


This is your standard cutting board setup. Glue up a a bunch of different woods (maple, walnut and mahogany in this case) and run the board through the thickness planer.

1 - mLeOBfV


Cut the board almost in half. One side has to be a little longer to accommodate the press mechanism.

2 - ErAW19S


This piece took a bit of measuring and cutting on the table saw and drill press. It will be glued to the base of the tortilla press and hold the handle and pivot bolt.

3 - bkXKdLy


Gluing to the base.

4 - 0kM1abs


Here are all the pieces coated in mineral oil. I glued a piece of purpleheart to the top of the press so it would be easier to lift up after pressing a tortilla. The handle is walnut.

5 - Ysu3RRA


I used a small stack of playing cards in each corner as spacers when installed the hinges. I wanted the tortillas to be thin but not invisible.

6 - SU3yUjA


The completed tortilla press.

7 - KiAVI0H

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