Pencil Holder from Scrap Wood

So much scrap wood. These are all nice pieces of hardwood but generally too thin to do much with.

01 - My cut offs


Selected my pieces. I see maple, white oak, zebrawood, canarywod, mahogany, walnut purpleheart, and perhaps another couple species in there.

02 - Acceptable pieces


Rough cut to size

03 - Cut to length


Glued up

04 - Glue up



05 - After planing


I cut the piece into two strips, mitered the edges to 45 degree, and then cut the strips in half.

06 - Cut in four pieces and edges mitered


Glued up with just rubber bands.

07 - Gluing up the edges


It’s a no go. I had to switch to clamps.

08 - Turns out the rubber bands weren039t enough


The base (walnut).

09 - The base


Gluing the top to the base.

10 - Gluing the top to the base


Finished with semi-gloss polyurethane.

11 - Completed

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