Magnetic Shelves

A coworker commissioned me to make her a couple of magnetic shelves that would stick to her unused metal whiteboard in her cube. She wanted them to be strong enough to hold up pictures and other knick knacks. They didn’t need to be strong enough for books.


Drill four 1″ diameter holes in the Walnut cleat using a Forstner bit. Holes are just deep enough to accommodate a double stack of 1/8″ x 1″ neodymium magnets.

2016-01-23 21.06.49


1/4″ roundover on the bottom front side of the cleat.

2016-01-23 21.12.51


The magnets are glued in place with a 5-minute epoxy resin.

2016-01-23 21.22.29


The cleat is wood glued to the shelf. The shelf is 1/4″ Walnut I made from resawing a piece of 3/4″ thick Walnut, planing to 1/4″, and bookmatching.

2016-01-23 21.50.08


Painter’s tape used as a template for the rounded edge.

2016-01-24 09.05.32


Relief cuts with the jig saw and then the rounded edge was cut. I finished the rounding with a sanding block.

2016-01-24 11.14.28


Finished with Danish oil and then paste wax and #0000 steel wool.

2016-01-25 19.20.42

The finished shelves.


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