Indoor Floating Planter Box

I love growing herbs for cooking but it’s a pain to go out in the garden when I’m in the heat of cooking. These indoor planter boxes give me easily accessible herbs year round.


All the maple pieces cut to size and with mitered edges. I also cut a dado for the bottom of the planter box.

01 - RuhkIVT


Finishing with Boiled Linseed oil

03 - sINVTgw


Glued the mitered edges. Clamped with a couple strap clamps.

04 - rXEHZ6U


I cut a dado in the front panel and then used a keyhole router bit so I could slide in these whiteboard strips.

02 - TtxuPrx



Cutting off the edge with a coping saw

05 - vTXHump


This is a jig I made to cut in the keyed corners on the router table.

06 - lvX1SVt


Thin strips of Padauk glued in for the keys. I cut them off with flush cut saw.

08 - EYXIA00



I don’t have process pictures of the shelves. I installed standard fluorescent shop lights under them. This is enough for indoor plants.

2 - 3hDxXwE


I drilled a small hole in each shelf to accommodate the lighting.

1 - MWDjmux


The 6″ pots are resting on a 24″ planter tray. This solves the drainage issue.

3 - gNocvVF


I connected the planter boxes to the wall with an angled french cleat.

09 - zi0ssXx

The completed planter boxes with under lighted shelves.

14 - PvUT6hQ

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