Glow Table

This is a black walnut coffee table with resin filled imperfections that glow when the lights go off.

The first picture is the table in my living room under normal lighting conditions. The second picture is a long exposure lit only by the blue light from my fish tank.

1 - p8t9ys0

The rough cut black walnut. When I purchased it from Tropical Exotic Hardwoods they said it had been in storage for over 40 years. It was from a long closed cabinetmaker’s shop.

2 - KqpXk1E


After I milled it all. What a pain.The figure was beautiful but there were quite a few knots. Also, the two larger boards had some twist in them that I could never get completely out. The final table definitely has a “wave” on one side. Oh well.

3 - LHv18jw


The epoxy resin I used. Standard Home Depot stuff. I mixed two parts epoxy with one part Zinc Orange Glow in the Dark Powder from

4 - w7QCN2C


All the knots and cracks filled in. I forgot to take pictures of the glue up and planing steps. I just edge glued the board, no biscuits or dowels or anything.

5 - 4RpxM5Z

After removing the painter’s tape I took the bulk of the dried resin off with a hand plane and then switch to a random orbital sander.

6 - mFl68qt


The legs are connected to the apron with pocket holes and then filled with walnut plugs sanded flush. I connected to the top with Table Top Fasteners from Rockler.

7 - vou7SMo

While not the most aestehitcally pleasing casters were a must since I have 3 kids who love to wrestle and I knew I would frequently need to roll the table out of the way. This plan of gluing in hex nuts failed miserably. I ended up ripping them out and replacing threaded inserts which worked much better.

8 - x2kNhTQ

Here’s another long exposure at night with just the hall light on.

9 - mdrRo08

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