Bed Frame and Headboard

A bed frame and headboard always seemed like an expensive luxury but I figured I could build one for a moderate cost.


This is the simple rendering I made in SketchUp of how I wanted the bed frame to look like.

01 - The plan I roughed this out in SketchUp I followed the plan more or less

A close up of one of the legs. All the joinery was with pockets holes on the Kreg Jig. Not fancy. Plenty strong though.

03 - Pockets holes for the legs and pretty much everywhere else


Screwing and gluing the cleats to the inside of the side rail

05 - Putting on the cleat


The finish is General Finishes Black Cherry Water Based stain on Red Grandis wood. I liked the color but the water based stain was a pain to work with. You need to work really fast to avoid streaking.

06 - The finish

The outer part of the frame complete

07 - MRS40FT


The center support. Those extra feet in the middle aren’t visible when the bed is in place.

04 - The frame upside down I used a center support because it039s a Cal King and I didn039t want sag


The stained base

11 - Stained


The decorative top of the headboard is two pieces of stained Red Grandis sandwiching a piece of Purpleheart.

08 - Purpleheart for the decorative top part


Gluing up the decorative strip

10 - Another view of the purpleheart headboard flourish being glued up


The back of the headboard (so many pocket holes)

12 - The headboard from the back and upside down More pocket holes


Front of the headboard

13 - I used a semi-gloss spray on polyurethane


Headboard connected to the base. The supports are Poplar.

14 - All done in the garage Unfinished poplar for the slats They just rest on the cleats and the center support I used pockets hol


Two bolts on the inside of each leg to connect the headboard to the base.

15 - Close up of the two 38quot bolts on each side that support the headboard


The completed bed frame and headboard

16 - The finished product

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