Bed Shelf

My daughter’s bed and toy chest were overflowing with stuffed animals and books. Since she is up in a loft I wanted her to have a shelf to keep all her precious items close at hand. I decided on a building a shelf out of MDF that would match the depth of a shelf I had already built just below the level of her bed.


Here’s the back of the shelf. I measured where it would be bolted into the stud and drilled in a bit with a Forstner bit. This would keep the bolts flush with the back of the shelf.

2016-01-09 09.48.56


I wanted the edge nearest the ladder of her loft bed to be rounded off. This would act as a little display area for any particular special items and reduce contact with any sharp corners. I used very strong double sided tape to connect a 6″ round I had leftover from a cornhole set I made. I used this as an guide for my jigsaw to cut out the corners.

2016-01-09 09.44.43


Here is the top and bottom after the cut and a bit of sanding.

2016-01-09 09.47.32


The top and bottom mirrored on my workbench. I used a carpenter’s square to mark where I wanted the partitions to be. There were crucial because the MDF is not very rigid and would likely sag without them

2016-01-09 10.10.57


I glued in the partitions (cut from the same sheet of MDF) and put in a couple of brads with my compressor. I didn’t take pictures of the finishing but I filled in all the holes with spackle, sanded it down. I then brushed on a cost of primer, sanded it again, and put on several coats of white spray paint.

2016-01-09 14.23.38


Here is the shelf painted and connected to the whole. There are three Structural Screws screwed into studs just to the left of each of the partitions. It is very solidly connected to the wall. I gave each screw a quick hit from the spray paint so they blend in quite well.

Bed Shelf-1


Another view of the shelf in relation to the loft bed. The bed is bolted to the wall on two sides and uses the ladder for structural support.

Bed Shelf-2

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